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independence technology

We like to sum up AT as: “Returning independence through technology”. Because everyone’s needs are different, the assistance they require is also different AT can help in many areas, the main ones are ACE Access,… Communication,.. & Entertainment Some people find it difficult or impossible to get to and answer the door Imagine being confined to the chair in your living room, and the doorbell rings,

What would you do?

AT has solutions for that. Some people have limited dexterity, so using small buttons on telephones and computers can be a challenge or they might not be able to speak. Now imagine you need to contact a family member.

What would you do?

AT has solutions for that. Imagine you are confined to your bed, but at least you have the television on Then, that programme you really want to watch is on the other channel or you now want to listen to some music.

What would you do?

AT has solutions for that too. AT can benefit many individuals By reducing the reliance on cars, it can return greater independence.

It can increase security and improve social lives It delivers peace of mind, not only to those using it but to their family and friends, colleagues and caregivers.

It improves the quality of life. RSLSteeper brings over 30 years of experience in crafting bespoke Assistive Technology solutions installing, and supporting them.

We understand that everyone has individual needs, and there isn’t a “one size fits all” solution We begin by assessing and discussing the needs of the individual and producing a bespoke AT package that will work for you We can draw on a large catalogue of devices and equipment that can come together in many ways to provide individual solutions with Our fully scalable systems offer full flexibility; there is no job too big or small.

We will then arrange and deliver a high quality installation with one of our own friendly technicians at a time to suit you. We then see that the system is properly maintained with a program of ongoing aftercare and support. Our experience with each part of the process from Assessment to Aftercare means you will have a valuable partner with you every step of the way.

Your goal becomes our goal, if you think some things in life should just be easier, we may just have the answer… imagine.. It’s a warm day and you need to open the windows – but you can’t do it yourself, and there isn’t anyone else around. You have no option but to become hotter and hotter. We can install an AT device where you can open your windows without any effort or difficulty, without having to move from your seat.

If you have difficulty getting up and answering the door, you may feel that you need to leave it unlocked, just in case! Our AT solution will allow you to first see and talk to the person at the door, and then, if you want it to, unlock and open the door for you.

A much more secure option. If you have difficulty operating a telephone. You may therefore be unable to chat with family and friends, or call anyone in an emergency. Similarly, they can’t call you. There is an AT solution that can help, and return you social life and independence.

Entertainment is essential. If you need to control the TV in any way, DVD player, Hi-Fi, iPod dock… almost any entertainment device, our AT devices can help you with all of this. Simply select what you want on, which channel, which song or album, how loud… or turn it all off. AT can help improve so many people’s lives and return their independence. RSLSteeper… Improving people’s lives. This is what AT really is.