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technology and food industryionhurdle technology in the food industry so without further ado let’s jump rightinto today’s topic I am definitely sure that you must have seen or heard about ahurdle race now there’s also a hurdle race that is going on between themicroorganisms right whenever we harvest whenever we pluck fruits or vegetablesfrom their trees or plants what happens that microorganisms right afterharvesting them attack these food products or raw fruits and vegetablesthey start spoiling these food products and there’s a race between themicroorganisms that is going on in the food industry what we do we provide somedifferent hurdles for the microorganisms so that they can not cross and enterinto the food and if they cross all these hurdles that have been designed orprovided by a Food Technologists then they will definitely enter into our foodso today’s topic is heard the technology in the food industry once again and thisis the overview of this whole presentation first of all I’m going totell you that why we need Hurdle technology next I will tell you thatwhat is heard a technology and then what are the hurdles in the food what are themajor hurdles in the food and how does it work and where do we apply it andfinally December of this video so why do we need her the technology in the foodindustry the consumers are eating out day by day there is a trend that isgrowing that consumers are eating out and consuming more ready-to-eat foodproducts and there is more demand of minimally processed because consumersare growing more aware that the processed food are not so beneficial asminimally processed food and fresh and natural foods so they are demanding moreminimally processed fresh and natural food products and also with theevolution of the humans the microorganisms are also evaluating whatis happening that since we are providing different hurdles for the microorganismsso that they can not grow the microorganisms are starting to find newrules so that they can enter into the food and that is why we need a specifictechnology we need a specific technique that combines a lot of preservativeeffects so that the microorganisms or spoilage microorganisms do not enterinto our food and the sensory nutrition quality and economic quality remainsintact and that technology or that preservation technique or thecombination of the preservation technique is hurdled technology allright so moving on to the next one and that is hurdle technology what is hurdletechnology see heard technology is the combination of more than onepreservation technique see you must know pasteurization you must knowsterilization you must know refrigeration right these are some ofthe preservation techniques that we see that we have studied as a graduate infood science and food technology but what happens in Hurdle technology wecombine mode two or more than two preservation factors of preservationtechniques and we have seen that in real life too if we are buying a milk pouchfor example we are buying a moose milk or mother Lanie’s milk but what we seethat it is refrigerated milk and that is fact now that milk is alreadypasteurized and that is packed in a packaging and again we when we bring itat home we heat it again and then we refrigerate it again so these aremultiple preservation techniques that are being applied to one single productand that is and that complete combination of the preservationtechniques is Hurdle technology and heard of technology is proactive andpreventative tool that means you cannot apply how the technology after a hazardhas already occurred in a food you have to apply whole the technology before youare preparing a food product and there’s the thing about earlier technology thatit minimizes the risk but it does not completely eliminate it there is someamount of risk that is left but if we intelligently applythe hurdles what will happen that the risk will be minimized up to a safelimit now again synergistic results are achieved when we use a lot of hurdleswhen we use different hurdles in combination now synergistic meanscombined effect and we have to use hurdles in combination in such acombination such an intelligent combination that microorganisms do notgrow the sensory quality remains intact moving on the big hurdles in the foodnow what are the major hurdles in a food see the this there are three majorhurdles they are actually 60 hurdles that have been identified but there arefour or five major hurdles the first one is pH the second one ismotor activity the third one is temperature and there are a lot ofpreservation preservation factors or hurdles in there for so again hurdlesthere are a lot of hurdles but we usually apply four or five hurdles in afood product and the same hurdles could have a positive negative or negativeeffect on the food based on its intensity now what does this meansee this means if we are refrigerating or chilling milk add below four degreeCelsius what will happen that it is beneficial for the chef slime it willextend the shelf life of the milk but if we apply same temperature for chilling abanana or other food product it may get a chilling injury and it will disturbthe texture of that particular fruit or vegetable so it depends the you have toapply specific holders and specific conditions based on its functionalproperties is physicochemical properties okay so moving on to the next one and wehave its principle and how it works see the first key phenomenon is homeostasisand homeostasis is basically an organism’s ability to stabilize itselfsee whom ye have homeostasis to the humans and the higher animals alsoperform homeostasis whenever certain conditions and theoutside environment changed our body also changed according to that all sideenvironment and in the similar fashion the microorganisms also can’tcontinuously adapt themselves and their body conditions according to the outsideenvironment they have some tendency to maintain theirturn LPS and internal temperature so that they can survive for long period oftime and if somehow we can disturb the Honu stressors of the microorganismswhat will happen that the microorganisms will remain inactive and they will notgrow and the next one the next principle is metabolic exhaustion whenever we areapplying some hurdles on the food on the food product what happens thatmicroorganisms try to maintain and cope up their homeostasis and while doingthat they completely use of their energy and they have no energy left for growthand for development and what happens they eventually die so the next one isstress reactions now this is something a little different than homeostasis andmetabolic exhaustion what happens here that under continuous stress somebacteria becomes even more resistance under the stress and there in law theyrelease some stress shock proteins and what happens that be stress shockproteins enter the bacteria that is resistant that causes that effects theytexture the nutrition quality the microbial stability of the food andthese stress reactions work against the hurdles and that is a very common caseif we apply a lot of hurdles and we have applied these hurdles without thinkingabout them without doing some research on them and to avoid these stressreactions what we can do that is our fourth principle in that is multi targetpreservation if we can apply the herders simultaneously at the same time atdifferent parts of a microorganisms what will happen the microorganism or thebacteria will not have sufficient time to maintain their homeostasis whathappens that we apply the hurdles to some specific areas for example we canapply early hurt us to a cell wall we can apply hurdles to the enzyme calledidle solution or we can apply the hurdles to the cell membrane we canapply the hurdles to the nucleus or the different parts of herself so whathappens that when different hurdles are applied on the same microorganisms atthe at the same time the microorganism or the bacteriadoesn’t have sufficient time to grow and to adapt to the outside conditions andit eventually dies so that is multi target preservation and that is thatshould be our goal of hurdle technology whenever we are applying hurdles we haveto maintain the hurdles we have to apply the hurdles so that the targets aremultiple and we apply these hurdles at the same time now the next one is howand where to apply C we apply it in the agriculture we can apply it at the farmlevel second we can applied at the formulation level when we areformulating or developing a new Prada and the third we can applied at thepackaging level fourth we can apply definitely at the processing level andfifth that most of us don’t consider very important is distribution andmerchandising so that is also very important so let us just take a look alittle deeper look in each of these points the first one is goodagricultural practices see we have to conduct field audits in the agricultureat the farm level so that we can maintain good agricultural practices sothat we we can control the amount of microorganisms a spoilage microorganismsthe pathogenic microorganisms add the field level and what we can do we can dosurface blanching if possible see there are tomatoes and some fruits andvegetables and usually vegetables blanching is usually done for thevegetables if we can blanch these vegetables at the firm level what willhappen that microbial load will produce at the source itself and we can also dosanitation of the cutting equipment and the equipment’s that are used in thefarming so that we can reduce the microbial load in the crops the next oneis formulation and definitely we use a lot of preservatives in the process foodto prevent the growth of microorganisms in the food and to maintain we can alsomaintain water activity control but hey what happens if we are using milk wecannot add acid events antioxidants and I need micro collisions in the milk inthat if we if mother dairy is selling milk or if a mole or any other blood isselling milk to you they cannot add antioxidants and allso what will they do they will follow packaging definitely they will followpackaging and they will follow processing hurdles I will come back toprocessing hello first of all let me talk about packaging hard and so seepackaging we always do packaging or the process products that are available inthe stores BC packaging there are different types of packaging andpackaging is a different niche and different category it is a wide andbroad subject that I will come down to in later videos all you need to knowabout right now about packaging right now is that packaging is that packagingacts as a barrier to the outside environment and it does not allowsunlight or dirt or microorganisms from entering into the food and there aredifferent types of packaging like ma P and active packaging intelligentpackaging a lot of packaging right now available and lot of research is beingdone on the packaging I’ll make a different video on packaging later on sothe fourth one is processing hurdles we do this we have been doing this sincethe beginning of the food industry food technology era so the parallelprocessing you know that thermal means temperature and the thermal processingis done whenever we are paralyzing whenever we are blanching sterilizingthe food products like milk and non thermal processing is there too andthese are some of the newly developed techniques the novel techniques that donot use thermal processing and they involve irradiation ultra high pressureand food nanotechnology is also involved in this one so this is also a differenttopic I will discuss this in my later videos and so basically this means thatwe can control we can improve the nutrition quality this sense we call thewhile b.apply herders in the processing all right somoving on to the fifth one and that is distribution and merchandising controlwhenever we are taking out milk from the tankers and what we do be we have tomake sure because what the milk or the other products can come into contactreally also environment and outside microbes and that can spoil the food andthis is even more this becomes even more important in highly in the case ofhighly perishable food products that is milk so this is the summary ofthis whole video and that’s whole presentation I’m not going to read outthis one you can pause over here and read it for yourself but what I want tosay over here is that hurdle technology is the combination of the differentpreservative factors or preservative techniques and if we apply themintelligently and while studying the physical physical chemical properties ofa specific food product we can we can make a food product minimally processedfresh and natural and meet the demands of the consumers and these are thereferences from which I have studied and you can pause the video right .