The secret behind 5g technology and how it workstech

the secret behind 5g technology and how it works I will share with you the secret behind 5g technology and how it works many people like

The Secret Behind 5G Technology

Join me in welcoming to the National Press Club Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom wheeler It’s an honour to be here at the National Press Club The first generation wireless 1g was the voice the second-generation 2g Allowed both talk and text the third generation 3G the Internet in a limited way and today’s technology 4G Completed that digital migration, but if anyone tells you that they know the details of what 5g is going to become Run the other way This article to you by the number five and the letter G and pretty soon everything else will be too I Have to tell the people 5 G’s akela I’m mocking anybody who hasn’t heard me and what the systems head-up display expert leading experts in the world I’ve actually brought over a million to this The reason I became an expert it was to invent them what I’m going to see it eats idiot Do not believe a single word.

I see it Not one. I want you to do your research. You’re playing it up fine This 5g rule of there’s a weapon system I’ve got a letter with several good because I know about what the system is more than anything all that In Britain in a place in the north of England called Gateshead scientists they’re called mark steel has been very publicly and actively warning people about the effects of LED streetlights, which he says in Gateshead are emitting now 5g I’ve just come to where these kids have talked to rumours about the piercing this say This these tribesmen have on these lakes that of course and harm assault in the community This is an existential threat to the economy to the environment and humanity of these transmitters are everywhere then everyone’s at risk There’s a lot of confusion about what 5g is The G stands for generation.

So you started off with the first Transmitter system back in the 1980s and then yet ETS We have one G then you had to G in as the generations moved on we started to see more complex signal systems Cleverer pieces of you know, antenna designs, etc. Etc. So the whole thing became More data quicker dealer quicker downloads, etc, etc however 5g is something completely different Alright, let’s get a break though. Let’s tell the people what this really is.

This is the 5g transmission device Bring that’s a hell of a beef start, isn’t it?

These are the uninsurable transmitters Just get a good look at that guys because obviously I know there are quite a few experts who want to see More detail about the transmitters and the chipsets Stava good luck boys.

This is the control management system Masseria There’s no antenna that you see that what is this fears?