Symmetrical vs asymmetrical Encryption Pros and Cons

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Encryption is the process of scrambling data to protect personal files secure communication hide Identities and much much much more in this video. We will learn about different types of encryptions. We will talk about symmetric encryption Asymmetric encryption. Where are they use? What are they used for the pros and cons of each one? We don’t just makeup something out of the blue right? There is always a reason for making up technology is your problem and we Consult the geniuses to come up with algorithms to solve our problems right symmetric.

Then I’m going to discuss symmetric encryption the pros and cons Because everything in life has pros and cons, right? Asymmetric encryption their pros and cons. What’s the advantage and disadvantage? End up with a summary guy. Let’s jump into its Encryption or symmetric encryption. Oh, my never – were just called the classic encryption, right? So encryption I will I have a file I Have some novel that I have wrote right? I have a book.

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I’m serving the web and I don’t want anybody to open these things I want to encrypt them so nobody can access those stuff, right? Inter encryption. So this is exactly like real-life guys. So is this think of it like a safe box? Classically right you have a safe box you put your stuff in it you use a key You lock your safe right with the key and then you’re secured right? Go ahead got secured. And then what are you gonna do even though that actual key physical or just a pin code? I feel you go to a hotel or something, right? So to open the safe, you’re gonna supply the same key One two three four, very secure.

You open your safe or just use the key. Same thing with the door, right? That’s classic all these Centuries right? So here’s the same thing exactly use the same key use the same code to encrypt and Decrypt that’s the word to reverse the encryption.

So I have my novel here and I want to encrypt it So I’m gonna use a key, right this skis yellow I’m gonna use it and cut my key. I get a bunch of garbage so if someone Got hold of this. He opened my computer and saw this garbage It doesn’t mean anything like they can’t it can do whatever they want with it right because doesn’t mean anything right so I want to read it and edit my Novel – I don’t know to add another chapter. I Decrypted how do I do corrupt it using the same key.

Right? And this think of this skis like it could be a phrase Or a number and then you use that to actually encrypt that and how it works is actually behind the scope of this video Right, so essentially what it does like to take the bit and for each letter Right we go and mess with that We do some arithmetic operation with every single byte to produce corresponding claims All right. So that’s the basic thing you encrypt it you decrypt it.

You get back your texts simple stuff, right? here are some examples of ah this symmetric encryption, right and This is the most popular one that is very used now nowadays EAS advanced encryption standard and This is the original name of the encryption algorithm when that committee you that is Responsible for encryption tolls told the people in 2000 our Lee 2000 says hey guys come up with a very secure encryption algorithm because this thing Des, so des does the original? Encryption was brute-force them and broken, right? So the committee says ok Come up with encryption that can be very strong and cannot be broken, right?

Nobody can brute-force it so these were the three there are many others but there was this is the winner of that contest whew well Yes, and there was I think this is the second place and this is the third place I’m not a hundred per cent sure, though But these are these were very good encryption algorithm and pretty much these are still used in the wild This is the most popular though, right? So this is some examples. All right Networking came into the picture, right? late 70s early 80s We need to do like the internet came and then it says ok. Hey guys, I I really need to send messages to other computers.

Now that everything is on Wi-Fi. I don’t really Need to encrypt stuff on my machine. I really need to also Encrypt messages to send it to other people, right? cool Use the same encryption algorithm that we came up with guys. What what’s wrong with you? All right. So let’s just use it All right so this the difference here is this not everything is not in one machine anymore and you are not the only Participant in this right? That’s the difference and this is the key.

So what happens is okay. I need to communicate this guy Alice need to communicate with Bob for some reason. These are the two only two persons and encryptions these days Alice and Bob so Alice Or need to send a message to Bob or actually Bob needs to send a message to Alice But Alice has this key. She invented the key.

She knows the thing, right? So what she does is Okay Bob wanna send message hello, but in order to do that, he needs to encrypt it right to encrypt it He needs the key. Guess what the key is with Alice. She says, okay Alice All right. Let me send the key over. There you go Here’s the key it goes the key. You got it. Okay, got it. So they have both the same key, right? So now this guy takes the key Encrypt it and then text back the encrypted ticks And Alice decrypts it using the same key and voila and it’s got a message. So cool Why do we need another encryption algorithm then? That’s that seems to work, right? That’s that’s great. But there’s a problem guy. There’s also a problem right and you probably figured it out and the problem is The first piece sending that key. Look at that.

Look at that well Do you guys like the animation what I hope you appreciate the animation here because it took me 30 Frickin minutes to forget it out. You know, I’m not a master in Powerpoints, okay. All right. So look at this, right? I don’t know if you can repeat it. Look at that. Ooh That’s fancy. That is skills right there guys. So I just want to go out happen, right? So Because I know I guess like it this guy is it, idiot? I’m gonna send the key and Since the key itself is a bunch of phrase or text or numbers. It’s not encrypted by itself, right? so if you send it over people can sniff it and we have talked about how Networking actually can be sniffed Right if it’s unsecured like what unsecured Wi-Fi or unsecured communication?

this network These packets are just there, right? And everyone can look at them and then try to snip them right and we talked about I’m gonna refers the video that we did above this is actually talking about the OSI model in general and how really dangerous to connect to a public Wi-Fi Okay, and I talked about that a little bit but regardless this guy got the key Guess what any message that these two sent to each other? This guy, what is it? What is his name again? I don’t know Bob Charlie I think because ABC yeah Alice Bob Charlie. Okay, so Charlie here Okay, we really need an Arab name.

I’m gonna call him Aladdin. Okay. All right So Aladdin Aladdin is a thief so that’s very appropriate So Aladdin here stole the key and he can just pretty much Steal every single message even if it’s encrypted because he got the same key He can just decrypt that stuff right pretty cool edge stuff inter asymmetric encryption says, okay guys, We really need to fix this right? So what happens is we found a problem We asked the geniuses guys Mathematicians come up with a solution. So we want to encrypt with a key but decrypt with another key and it’s The solution was there.

There are three guys that came up with the solution Right, and it’s purely using prime numbers it is way over my head I’m going to reference a video that someone did a very good job explaining about that It’s just essentially I it’s using pure prime numbers. It’s just like raising it to the power and doing a mod it’s that simple but the actual implementation how to get to these numbers or just Mind-blowing. Okay, but the idea is very simple. I have two texts to encrypt, right? Use a key Right.

This is my text I want to use a key to encrypt that and this key and I put a colour here red indicating public It’s called a public key That means it’s okay if it’s leaked It’s okay if everybody got this because guess what you cannot decrypt with this key You can only encrypt so you’re gonna correct me you get a bunch of garbage, right? And guess what? You cannot use the red key the public key to decrypt this at all.

You cannot sir So what do you do is you needed the second pair that actually completes the puzzle? Right and that thing is the blue key or the private key and then you use it. You apply it you get the text back simple easy peasy Japanesey right, so These and I’m talking about these key little bit. So the red key and the blue key or the public key or the private key is actually a bunch of They are a pair of primary keys number primary numbers, right, so this is a Primary to prime minims and this is per two prime numbers to encrypt you go through every single byte and You raise it to the power of the first one and you mod it with the second or the second number and then you do this again for the everyone so you can seem like there are powers and These numbers are huge guys.

These prime numbers are is not 7 or 11 or 13. These are just in the billions Okay The prime numbers in the billions so can imagine the processing that? The poor computer that needs to do just to encrypt or even decrypt the message So the curtilage is exactly the same just to raise it to them to record. You take the text You raise it to the power of that and you model to the second one. Okay, this is just for FYI All right, how are we doing it’s working now Sweet seems simple. What are we gonna do is I Generate a public and private key Everyone has their own public and private key instead if you have one key and now have two right So now we have public and private. You’re gonna do that And then what are you gonna do is send the public key to whoever won’t Whomever or whoever I think it’s wrong.

All right, correct me if I’m wrong So this guy gets it you sent this to whomever great They get the key and now they can send you text. You’re gonna you, hello They encrypted you send you back and I guess what you decrypt it with their private key.They told us like those guys those three guys we’re gonna come to them now and they told us hey you can use it but If why I you cannot really? Encrypt a movie with a public key, right. These are the three guys Rivals, I’m gonna butcher their names. I’m sorry reversed Shamir and Adleman Okay, these are the three geniuses who came up with this Incredible algorithm. Okay. This is one example of RSA. That’s the RSA algorithm it’s used in SSH is using a lot of Its uses in TLS which we’re gonna make another video about Diffie-hellman is another algorithm and Gemmell is an implementation of the film and I think German So, all right. Okay and Let’s look pros and cons guys so pros what is good above the symmetrical colour? I’m looking at us we kind of touched on this right scimitar come from is is extremely efficient and fast right because you have the key and you don’t really need to think about how to decrypt it because decryption is usually very Reversible operation.

It’s a very simple reversible operation. Usually, right so first there is little order Obviously there is still computation going on, but it’s still fast. I’m gonna say faster Asymmetric encryption to be safe, right? It is fast, though Okay, it is because as fast it’s very efficient for large files or large data, Okay, if you’re gonna send a JSON file better off Use it use symmetric encryption right software engineers. Do you want to think about that right with wood? That’s why we make these videos guys. You need to think we all need to think like a software engineer while building applications, what is the ramification of our decisions of anything really that we make encryption is one of them right if you’re an Encryption like hashing. We didn’t talk about hashing but encryption if you want to do symmetric encryption if your encryption a large file there’s a small file linearly to choose between that okay, so some other encryptions like des like AES These are great for grave large files.

They’re Konza. What’s the problem? We talked about bad hard to transport shared key It’s very hard to share that shared key Yes, so it’s very difficult to transport that shared key It’s very hard to transport that shared key to the other Party in order to start the communication, right?

Because the more you share it people can actually see it and just sniff everything That in itself, we’re gonna talk about that in a minute, but that doesn’t prevent us from using Symmetric encryption in networking at all on the contrary. We’re gonna talk about that and Asymmetric encryption Pros, what’s good? The public key can be shared I can send it around. It’s okay. If some people stole it’s already there It’s public people can use it to encrypt as long as that private key is not It’s not shared right if the private key remains with you, that’s okay And you don’t really need to send the private key. People need don’t need to see your private key Just you need to send them the public key in order for them to encrypt stuff to send it to you and if you want Send to people you need to take their public key encrypted and send it to them. They were going to use their the key To the craft designed for small data,

that’s what it was designed for These are si forgot their names already. Those three guys told us. Hey guys, you can use that but if Y is gonna be slow because I’m We’re doing power and mod on large prime numbers. It’s not only numbered Their prime numbers, right? They’re huge. Okay, I think it’s like 2048 bit numbers so they’re so huge cons We talked about that. It’s very slow. Right because we’re doing all these arithmetic operations.