15 computer technology tips and track 2020

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computer technology tips

computer some have to do with browsers So we got a lot of variety you should find it pretty interesting so why don’t we get started first up now hopefully everyone already knows how to click and drag a file you left-click drag it into Another folder and moves it there, but did you know you can actually right-click and drag files and windows? That’s right I bet you never even tried it before what you do is you just click and hold with a right-click Just as you would with a left click and move it into another folder and instead of moving it right away It will actually bring up a context menu with a few options whether you want to copy move or create a shortcut So this could be a lot easier than having to right-click every file doing copy and paste or even using keyboard shortcuts this could be faster than all that and If you have other programs that do copy and paste those should show up in the context menu as well So pretty cool You might down a note about that next up number two has to do with selecting text now obviously if you click and drag Regularly it selects text by the character but if you didn’t already know you can actually double click and on the second click you start dragging and it will select text by the word instead of just by the character and You can actually triple click, and it will select by the entire paragraph So if you know that you’re going to be selecting an entire paragraph of stuff triple clicking will make it a lot easier to select individual paragraph without having to get it exact with the Character level also on top of that if you hold down alt and start the select text it will allow you to select vertical Sections of text it says having to do it. Just line by line. So that could be useful too although I don’t think that works in chrome unfortunately should work everywhere else all right now the next few are specific to Google Chrome But they might work in other browsers as well, so number three is that if you want to search within a specific site You can actually go into the address bar type that name of the website like google.com, or maybe facebook.com and instead of pressing enter If you press tab it will allow you to enter a query that will only search within that site there are Advanced ways to type in commands into the google search bar to do this, but this is way easier You can do a write in chrome, and it’s just as simple as typing in an address bar Just type in the website tab and search and you’re good to go Number four is one that you are going to love if you didn’t know this one already So in google Chrome if you accidentally close out a browser tab you can bring it back with the most powerful command Ctrl+Shift+T and it will restore the tab that you just closed accidentally or Even close several tabs ago. It will restore them one by one even if you close three in a row also Even if you close out chrome altogether if you close the program then open it up again and press Ctrl+Shift+T It will bring up the tab that you just closed last So this is a great way to restore tab if you I don’t know your computer crashes Or you accidentally close the whole program or just the tab really useful although one important note is this will not work in Incognito mode For pretty obvious reasons the whole idea is with incognito mode. It doesn’t save history at all so once you close the tab It’s gone for good number five this one is a really quick one for YouTube So obviously you guys can all enjoy it if you ever want to watch a video loop like a song or something like that all you have to do is right-click on the video and hit loop and If it doesn’t show up in the drop-down for example if you’re not using HTML5 or something like that if you right-click Twice without moving the cursor it will bring up the normal context.