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2021 future world technology and control:

the answer to this question is not very important The average age of a man in the eighteenth century was only 37 years – The average age of a human being at this time is 79 years Now it is up to us whether we want to raise this average continuously Or want to put an end to death But do we want to live forever? Will future human always have to live up to their will? Surely every soul has to taste the taste of death. Here we are talking about prolonging the life In the future, unlimited and clean energy will be available so that the environment will not be polluted Even if there is pollution, nano-robots will remove this pollution from the air and water and clean them. These nano-robots will also store solar energy The problems that exist on our planet right now In order to solve them, it is necessary to invent nanorobots as soon as possible It is also possible that we have to leave Earth and go into space There is a possibility That the earth may be destroyed by a natural disaster or that we lose all resources of the earth because of our own inadequacy. If that happened then we have to find a new home for ourselves Our first stop will surely be Mars But we also have to look at the planets of other stars It is possible that we will be living with Aliens in the future Some people even say that aliens are already inhabited by this world and living with humans By 2030, your computer will be able to think like a human.

China technology

Robots will be invented that are as intelligent as humans. China has begun to make doll robots Who can be married And the Chinese are more interested in it Because she will be your own wife, as you wish, hundred per cent. Likewise in the next ten years, a suit is likely to be developed that will give you the same power as Spider-Man superman. In the future, we will be living with aliens and machined humans on earth. It is highly likely that in the future, our neighbours will be intelligent robots designed by us The rapid development of artificial intelligence shows that our future will be not only illuminating but also extremely exciting. Not only is technology better in our future, but it is also an integration of man and the machine We are inventing better computers and entertainment every day Maybe that day is not far when a computer display can be installed in our eyes The confluence of man and the machine is not as terrifying as science fiction films.

future technology car

Future cars will fly in the air, not on the ground. In place of the oil will be used fuel that we do not even see, Such as air, friction, human body temperature etc In the future, the buildings will be very high and the cities hanging in the air will be established. Human settlements will be established on the moon and human settlements on Mars. In the future, space travel will be as easy as travelling from one city to another If we want to stay in space for a long time, we have to look at some of the technical difficulties and also understand the effects of weightlessness on the human body. Proper changes in human DNA will solve some of these problems Over the next few years, text boxes will be gone and replaced by virtual reality. In the next few years, through virtual reality, not only will a teacher be able to get his students to walk past like a war field but in the future.

future technology printing

You’ll be able to create your own Imaginary World By 2045, you are likely to be living “in a world like Matrix by that time it would be possible to link the human brain to a computer and man would become a part-time computer or machine. In the next few years, man will sit down at his computer and design his car and home and use it out of large 3D printing machines. By 2025 the smartphone will be gone and people will laugh at you if you have They will be replaced by small bracelets Which will work like a smartphone. In the next ten years, the cars will begin to operate on their own And those who know two different languages will be able to understand each other perfectly As global warming continues to rise for the next hundred years, the sea level will rise to three feet. Because of this, many smaller countries may have been wiped out But then there may be a time on earth when the earth starts to cool down and snow everywhere. As it happened thousands of years ago.

Nowadays a part of the world is gaining knowledge and making new technologies and trying to get out of this small Earth to discover the secrets of the universe. And who is the one who created us and sent us to this earth, trying to understand Him and its universe. And there is a part on the other side that embraces ignorance Also benefits from new technology And then arrogantly opposed to this knowledge and quest Our engineer, our programmer who designed us and the universe and then sent us to this earth, repeatedly commanded us to learn and consider.

Travel around the world and think about the Earth Those who are considering are also understanding the secrets of the universe And also to our Maker. Will we be able to assert our right to the future of the developed world without doing our part? Or likewise, begging for water and food this is a big question We have to make a decision today. Because our world is another and the world of these developing nations is another We are slaves today and will still be slaves.