Digital technology the future school education

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Digital technology the future school education

hello friends welcome to first episode of new web series called digital education we have successfully concluded seven episodes of happy school web series from today we are going to publish episodes of digital education today’s episode is all about the intro of digital education and its importance in education and its effectiveness overall in the schooling sectors let’s begin the episode when we talk about digital education everyone thinks of computers, cameras mobiles, Bluetooth, mic but Digital education is not just these computers and hardware it is broader than what we see in today’s world so today I am going to briefly describe what do you mean by digital education. Digital education consists of three elements the first element is technology the second element is digital content and the third element is the carrier or the instructors or instruction these three together make digital education available to students the first one is technology. it is a tool by which the digital content is transmitted from source to recipient i.e the student community and this technology can be the laptop or the BlueTooth or this camera or a 3dprinting machine or a hologram or virtual reality anything which is working as a technology can be used in education and this is the first part of digital education the second part is very important that is digital content what is digital content? digital content is all enriched and quality content that is made available to students through thischannels of technologies it can be a regular mobile app or any online platform any PDF file to a multimedia interactive file representation a PPT presentation or interactive adaptive software anything which deals with the transmission of information from source to recipients. student community all digital content is all about the third one which is very important is instruction who is going to handle this digital content processes so the trained teacher or the quality teachers are an inseparable part of this entire digital content system because these trained teachers get to know how a where to transmit information or the knowledge to students through these technologies this holds especially in the case of personalised care and learning teachers are of prime importance so thehuman element is always there. it was there, it is there and it will remain there for this digital education. we just need to upgrade teachers, the trainers, the provider of digital contents so these three elements make digital education now why is this digital education? because of four things T and Triple P. T for time and Triple P is a path, pace and place what is time ? with the help of digital content or education the student community is not restricted to school or coachinghours for study they can study beyond the school hours even in night theywhenever they want like they can study through this online platform or throughthis multimedia or whatever app is available to them so the first thing istime the second is the path path of pedagogy so student is not to bedependent on the pedagogy used by teachers if they don’t satisfy with the methodology of teacher they canjust switch to another methodology through this digital education and thethird one is the pace the IQ of all the students are not same some are veryintelligent and they want pace in their education so they don’t have to go alongwith the class students they can go beyond that classroom and they can learnthey can understand a lot of things for this digital education and the fourthone is place they are not restricted in the four walls of the classroom they cango beyond that they can learn things wherever they want even if they are inholiday if they’re in mood they can always learn through this digitaleducation system so these are the four important points because of that everyschool is now aspiring to become digital education ready schools. now there are a lot of benefits associated with the provision of digital education in schools so the first thing is that it is the very effective delivery of learning resources to students which is very crucial for the success of any school and for effective delivery of such information Digital education plays a very important role. the second is it’s very very costeffective means with some hardware’s and Internet in hand we can actually disseminate information to thousands of students and in today’sworld when mobile phone and computers is easily accessible available to studentcommunity the importance of digital education has enhanced much and the third one is that at the same time same level of information is availableto every student means in regular classroom teachers may give more focus to one student and less to others but here all students will get sameregardless of their status and anything they will get the same level ofinformation and same level of opportunities and knowledge through this digitaleducation so these are the main of benefits associated with digitaleducation and of course if any technology comes it comes with somedisadvantages and sometimes because the IQ level of students are not same it’squite obvious and for that reason same level of information if given to everystudents the level of understanding will differ definitely for that theinstruction instructors or the teachers are required to play important role andthat’s why the role of teachers are meaningful even in digital education in this episode we have just described you the introduction of digital education from next episode will come out with new technology tools available for digitaleducation we’ll give you the complete case study of the effectiveness ofdigital education tools in school sector and in college and universities and if you want to hear something new about tech or you have any particular choice for any technology do let us know and we will come out with abetter case study of the same technology if you like this video please don’t forget to like us, share us and subscribe channel and of course you can always comment you can send us email and we’ll be happy to reply for any queries you raise for nowthank you so much I hope that you like this video thank you so much Freindssmall announcement from this episode we are going to make this video availablein Hindi you can find Hindi episodes in aspire youth channel description of thesame is given below this video you can find all Hindi video in that channelthank you so much

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