Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's PS5, PS4 Bonuses Are a Bit Embarrassing

That is downright frustrating for lovers on other formats, without any doubt — but there is more, and that is where it starts to have a little awkward. If you acquire a Fight Pass on the PlayStation system, you are going to find an extra five-tier skips in comparison to gamers on different platforms, letting you unlock that year’s equipment and goodies faster.

Next, those of you who perform parties around the PS5 or PS4 will make an extra 25 percent weapon XP — even if you are playing alongside cross-platform teammates. And the bonuses do not end there, since there will be exclusive PlayStation Dual XP occasions each month on Sony’s consoles. Oh, and you’re going to have an additional two loadout slots.

A number of the stuff reads like it is actually just scratching the bottom of the barrel for us. We are aware that advertising partnerships are mutually beneficial to both the publisher and the stage holder, but as the business moves towards merged communities, these bonuses have started to seem outright embarrassing. Clearly, the Zombies Onslaught mode is the big thing, but another so-called PlayStation benefits strike us as absurd.

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