The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed how much companies rely on high quality internet connections.

Traffic on Comcast’s nationwide community soared by over 30 percent in March and April as countless millions of Americans abruptly resorted to working, teaching, learning, and swallowing all their entertainment in the home. Spikes in traffic occasionally topped 60 percent of pre-Covid visitors in some regions.

“I was bombarded with queries from my colleagues, customers, colleagues and policymakers inquiring whether the biggest sustained spike in visitors that we have experienced could’break the world wide web,”’ composed Tony Werner, president for technology, merchandise, Xperience, along with Comcast Cable, describing the aspects that plagued Comcast’s network during the Covid-19 surge.

A”busted” internet could be devastating for company. In surveying over 500 executives in small and medium companies about the prices of downtime, cloud-based data security firm Infrascale discovered in the past year:

37 percent of SMBs have lost clients because of downtime.

17 percent of SMBs have lost earnings due to downtime.

Network reliability and capacity stay crucial for companies, business owners, and workers. As clients settle into what could be a’new standard,’ Werner wrote that Comcast is dedicated to the fundamentals of creating the most powerful, quickest, smartest and most resilient community on earth.

Building networks

Comcast has spent over $12 billion in its community nationally since 2017, constructing 33,331 new route kilometers of fiber.


Network teams hastened their job in March and April this year to make sure Comcast had the capacity to support the increased requirements associated with Covid-19’s influence. Comcast added over 35 terabits per second summit capability to regional community centers and 1,700 connections with an ability of 100-gigabit into the core community.

Comcast has doubled its network capability every 21/2 decades to keep ahead of visitors, noting that the world wide web grows 30 percent each year.

Preventing downtime

One in five SMBs states they aren’t well prepared to deal with and prevent unexpected consequences, based on Infrascale’s poll of C-suite executives. SMBs see company disruption, 29 percent and decreased employee productivity, 21 percent as the largest dangers of downtime.

Unlike prior to the pandemic, companies can be equally vulnerable to downtime beyond the workplace. Many businesses rely on workers working from home, and home systems also require high-quality connections. Comcast recently introduced a quicker and more potent xFi pod to supply whole-home Wi-Fi protection.

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