A brand new video from Digital Foundry makes it instantly obvious that the PS5 brings noteworthy performance enhancements to a lot of PS4 games.

In the leadup to the PS5’s launching, Sony promised that the”overwhelming majority” of those 4,000 PS4 games will work on the new games console, and we have seen some programmers declare PS5-exclusive optimizations (such as Ghost of Tsushima’s increase to 60fps), but we simply didn’t understand how well PS4 games could play the PS5.

According to Digital Foundry’s movie (and an accompanying article), it seems that many PS4 games will play just fine on the PS5 — and most will perform much better. If you have got a significant PS4 backlog you have been meaning to get through (*raises hand), the PS5 appears like it’ll be a fantastic way to play with those games that are older.

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