While Google Maps is first and foremost a navigation program also concentrated on exploration as well as other capacities which are continuously enlarged by Google, Waze is especially aimed at traffic routing, with a concentration on community-based reports which makes it possible to prevent traffic jams and alert drivers of risks such as vehicles stopped on the street, fog, and potholes.

Rather, the Mountain View-based firm has attracted some capacities from Google Maps into Waze and another way round, and among these is support for incident reporting.

Google Maps already borrows any reports out of Waze and exhibits them along your path, but at precisely the exact same time, in addition, it lets users send their own reports each time they’re driving.

How that you can accomplish this certainly is not as easy as it’s on Waze, but most probably, Google would boost this capacity in the long run since it retains shining Google Maps.

This is required as unless you are supplied with driving instructions, you can not simply send a report — that differs from Waze, in which you might also record traffic jams, speed drives, and everything else without navigation configured.

After navigation is installed in Google Maps, tap on the bar in the bottom of the screen where you could observe the ETA for a destination, the space, along with also the exit button to go back to the typical view from the program.

Just tapping one of these shows a confirmation dialog (which automatically goes off after some five moments, finally sending the report with no necessity for additional input).

The actions described here may be used for Google Maps on both the Android apparatus and iPhones.

Google Maps keeps becoming an increasing number of updates, although the focus recently seems to be on enhancing the experience in different directions, like the societal side of this program. Google has just overhauled the Explore tab using a feed-based strategy, thus displaying updates for local guides and articles from confirmed publishers.

Google Maps getting large upgrades

Meanwhile, the Mountain View-based search giant is also creating a committed driving manner for Google Maps, which you would replace Android Vehicle for mobiles, providing the program an entirely new function. Google Maps would consequently become an essential hub on Android apparatus, supplying users with one-tap access to specific attributes, such as telephone calls, music programs, Google Assistant, and messaging.

To put it differently, the brand new driving manner in Google Maps would function pretty similar to Android Auto for mobiles, and the port will be optimized to the touch. Now, however, the driving style remains in the testing phase at the USA, and users on Android can give it a go.

The driving mode does not have an ETA as to when it may go live for many users.

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