British musician FKA twigs, arriving at the Grammy Awards in Jan. 2020.

On one occasion, she alleges in the lawsuit, he choked her, then threw her from a car whilst yelling at her.

In the lawsuit, the musician, whose real name is Tahliah Barnett, said combined with all the misuse, LaBeouf intentionally gave her a sexually transmitted disease. She’s accused him of separating her from different men and women, forcing her personal assistant to provide confidential advice that he can use to bully Barnett, and decreeing that she needed to kiss and touch him a certain number of times every day.

Another ex-girlfriend, Karolyn Pho, can be mentioned in Barnett’s lawsuit as an alleged victim of physical abuse by LaBeouf.

No criminal charges are filed against LaBeouf in this issue. Within the lawsuit, Barnett states that when she wins, she intends to provide a”significant” part of any damages given to her to charities that fight against domestic violence.

In part, she wrote: “it could be surprising for you to understand that I had been in a mentally and physically abusive relationship. It had been difficult for me to process also, during and I thought anything like this would occur to me. That is why I’ve decided it is very important for me to discuss it… I hope by sharing my own experience I could actually assist others to feel as they’re not alone.”

Barnett’s lawyer, Bryan Freedman, delivered an announcement to NPR on Friday that read in full: “Shia LaBeouf has mistreated Ms. Barnett, Ms. Pho along with many others. We attempted to solve this issue privately on the state that Mr. LaBeouf agrees to get consistent and meaningful emotional therapy. Since he was reluctant to agree to find appropriate assistance, Ms. Barnett filed this lawsuit to stop others from suffering similar abuse .”

Agents for LaBeouf didn’t respond to NPR’s asks for comment on Friday. In one, the paper states, LaBeouf wrote the part, “A number of those allegations aren’t accurate,” but he added that the 2 girls deserved”the chance to broadcast their bills openly” and that he had to”accept liability for all those things I’ve done.”

In another emailed answer, the Times reported, LaBeouf wrote: “I don’t have any excuses for my aggression or alcoholism, just rationalizations. I’ve been abusive to myself and everybody around me for ages. I have a history of damaging the people nearest to me. I am ashamed of this background and’m sorry to all those I hurt. There’s not anything else that I could say.”

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