100 Awesome Product Ideas Future Technology

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100 awesome product ideas future technology business

100, Pattern Paint Roller. Lets you recreate the look of traditional handmade block-printed fabric or wallpaper in your home. 99, Super Portable Cup. A collapsible cup that fits in your pocket. 98, Cutting Board Scissors. Pairs a knife and a cutting board on a pair of scissors. 97, Dynamic Watermelon Peeler. Peels off a watermelon. 96, Toast Printer.

100 awesome Product ideas future techology

Imprints images or messages on your toast. 95, Noodle Slider. Lets you catch the noodles with your chopsticks, dip them in a cool broth, and eat them. 94, Toilet Night Light. Motion-activated, colour-changing toilet nightlight. 93, Caterpillar RC. Full-sized 2016 Caterpillar 242D Skid Steer. 92, Levitating Wireless Charger. Charges your mobile device while it is floating or rotating. 91, Finger Cutter. Makes it quicker and easier to cut packet, parcel, tape and paper. 90, Easy Hair Remover.

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Makes the hair removal process quick, easy, pain-free, and affordable. 89, Backpack Chair. Lets you sit down comfortable just about anywhere. 88, Oil Painter. Simulates the complex interactions between brush and paint in real-time. 87, Vertical Treadmill. Lets you practice real climbing without the need of ropes, instructor or high ceiling. 86, Hands-free Shoulder Rider. Lets parents carry their children on their shoulders hands-free. 85, Quick Playard.

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Easy and fast play yard to use with babies and toddlers. 84, Sunscreen Viewer. Shows your sunscreen coverage and protection. 83, Art Stream. Wi-Fi connected and customizable art display. 82, E-ink monitor. Protects your eyes. 81, Solar Cooker. A fuel-free cooking device that captures light from a broad range of the device angles. 80, Rose Soap. A soap dispenser that pushes out foam which is shaped like a perfect rose. 79, E-ink Music Score. Lets you make notes directly onto the e-ink page and save any markings in a PDF file format. 78, Piano Tutors.

Helps kids learn to play the piano. 77, Music Visualizer. High power lasers that are synchronized to music. 76, Bodyboard Jet. Makes it great for recreational use or rescue missions. 75, Jet Surfboard. Lets you control the board via a hardwired twist throttle that also serves to steer the nose. 74, Swim Assistant. Makes every water-sport effortless. 73, 100 dresses in 1. Convertible dress with more than 100 everyday styles in just one dress. 72, Touch Enabled T-shirt. Programmable LED t-shirt that can display any message you want from your smartphone. 71, Smart Glass. Delivers an instant privacy control to a window. 70, Transparency Control.

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sun glare and heat at the touch of a button. 69, Water Saver. Lets you use 98% less water by turning it into a fine mist. 68, Live Streaming Toothbrush. Lets you see if you are hitting all the right spots in your mouth. 67, Toothpaste-Filled Pods. Eco-friendly softgel pod that dissolves in your mouth when you start brushing your teeth. 66, Triple-Brush. Brushes your teeth in 10 seconds with a simple click.

65, Laundry Folder. Steams wrinkles out of your clothing. 64, Vacuum Compressor. Doubles up your luggage space by compressing clothes. 63, See Through Walls. Lets you see through solid walls with the help of radiofrequency. 62, Hologram Display. Changes videos to free-floating holograms. 61, Powerful Protection Spray. Makes things unbreakable and resistant to most chemicals and household solvents. 60, Glass Maker. Transforms your favourite bottles into custom glassware. 59, Plastic Bottle Pen. Prints 3D models, while recycling your plastic bottles, files, and bags. 58, Designer Card.

Handy, pocket-sized card of meltable bio-plastic to make, fix and modify anything around you. 57, Smart Tape Measure. Helps you measure irregularly-shaped objects by rolling along a surface. 56, Smart Ruler. Turns your iPhone into a quick measuring tool. 55, Blink Camera. Lets you take pictures with a blink of your eye. 54, Super Portable Tent. Comes with solar power, LED lighting, heat control, and two entrances. 53, Bicycle Camper. An instant shelter from the weather that comes with comfortable beds, and a convertible space for 4 adults to dine-in. 52, Hammock Boat. A solar-powered, motorized hammock boat that lets you relax on the water.

51, Water Power Generator. Converts any type of moving water into a stored-energy to charge USB-connected mobile devices. 50, Shower Anywhere. Stores the water pressure from your home for later use. 49, E-paper Smartwatch. Lets you change its entire look by clicking its side button. 48, Modular Smartphone. Lets you customize devices for style and function. 47, Modular Smartwatch. Lets you choose the features and designs that best suit your lifestyle and needs. 46, Finger Phone. Lets you make calls by placing your fingertip on your ear. 45, Gesture Control Armband. Lets you wirelessly control objects with gesture and motion. 44, Smart Tattoo. Lets you use your skin to control your smartphones and computers. 43, Wearable Revolution. A textile that heals itself with the help of the liquid made from bacteria and yeast. 42, Levitation Controller.

Lets you manipulate levitated objects by utilizing sound waves that hold the particle in the air. 41, Braille Watch. Displays any text data in braille via Bluetooth connection. 40, Hoverboard GoKart. Transforms your hoverboard into a GoKart. 39, Suitcase Scooter. A self-balancing electric scooter that fits in the back of a small car. 38, Suitcase Car. Compliant with the guidelines from several authorities such as TSA, FAA, UN and IATA. 37, Giant Walking Bicycle. Half giant bicycle and a half walking machine. 36, Autonomous Air Pump. Produces compressed air as the bicycle moves. 35, Handcycle Attachment.

Harvests high-value crops such as greenhouse vegetables, fruits in orchards, and grapes for premium wines. 28, Surgical Snake. Lets surgeons access and visualize hard-to-reach anatomical locations through the mouth. 27, Chemical Experiment Assistant. Lets you teach it movements to conduct chemical experiments. 26, Walking Robot. Walks like a human achieving natural heel-strike and toe push-off behaviours. 25, Hopping Robot. Built around a central voice coil actuator and a pair of springs to give it extra bounce. 24, Door Opening Robot.

Runs and jumps over difficult terrain climb fences and stairs. 23, Badminton Player. Plays a game of badminton against a human competitor. 22, Banana Catcher. Comes with sensors such as depth cameras, a solid-state gyro and proprioception sensors in the libs. 21, Drone Surfing. Strong enough to tow a surfer on a wakeboard. 20, Made by Drones. Produces a lovely sponge cake. 19, Armed Aircraft. A drone that can do many things such as grasping cargo, cutting cables, turning dials, or flicking switches. 18, Surf in Clouds. Tows you behind a plane at 110 mph, and 2,000 feet off the ground. 17, Interactive Video. Creates virtual objects you can interact with. 16, Touchscreen Hand. Turns your hand into a touchscreen display. 15, Stadium Lighting.

An LED light show that helps fans celebrate when a goal is scored. 14, Automated Restaurant. Transports meals on its circuit and lets you choose dishes in front of you. 13, Underwater Tunnel. Saves the day for people in rural areas who are otherwise forced to take ferries or drive hours out of the way just to reach the other side. 12, Gigantic Bus. Glides above car traffic jams. 11, Self Driving Tractor. Lets farmers simply pre-program the vehicle, then remotely monitor it. 10, Smartphone Car Camera.

A solar-powered dual HD camera that uses a license plate frame as its mounting bracket. 9, Ultimate Parallel Parking. Rotates 360 degrees on the spot and moves in all directions. 8, Transformer. A car that transforms into a robot. 7, Dental Assistant. Helps speed up dental operations. 6, Mini Heart Surgery.

Transforms a traditional open-heart mitral valve surgery from a complex 3-6 hour operation to a 60-minute procedure. 5, Multifunctional Wheelchair. Lets you autonomously transition to a bed, and from a bed, and independently board and disembark from minivans. 4, Laparoscopic Surgery.